Paper World Exhibition in Frankfurt

Sign, our penmaker’s licensee, had a stand on the Paper World Exhibition which took place in Frankfurt from January 28th to 31th 2012. International, innovative and confident – This year Paperworld attracted an even more international public to Frankfurt. Once again 2,596 exhibitors from all parts of the world presented their new products and trends to more than 50 000 trade visitors. More than half of all visitors came from abroad. Most of them, around 60 percent, were from Europe. This increase in the number of visitors from abroad underlines yet again the significance of this event as the most important order venue internationally at the start of the year.

Notre licencié Ecriture Carpentras Sign a participé au salon international Paperworld à Francfort du 28 au 31 Janvier 2012. Ce salon attire plus de monde chaque année. Plus de 2500 exposants présentant les nouvelles tendances et produits pour un public de plus de 50 000 visiteurs (60% européens).

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