Daniel Hechter First Fashion Show in India

This month India got Daniel Hechter on the move by organising a big fashion show in its Bangalore boutique to present the new 2011 Spring and Summer collection.  All of the local and national media attended the event to have the opportunity to interview Daniel Hechter designer, Christophe Blondin who came all the way from Paris for this exceptional show.  Celebrities such as the models Karan Malik and Bharat Sharman, always on the cutting edge of fashion, walked down the runway dressed in trendy Daniel Hechter clothes.  Many stars were also spotted in the store such as Rajesh, Anupriya, Suchita, Adhiraj and Riyaz who came to keep track of the latest fashion trends!  Daniel Hechter’s Store in Bangalore was definitely the place to be for an evening of style and fashion last Tuesday 19th of April.

This event was a big success that hitIndia’s headlines in several newspapers!

 Some of the articles that were published after Christophe’s tour in India.

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