Christine Arron talks about “aesthetics and performance”

For Daniel Hechter’s second After Work we had the pleasure to welcome in our boutique, rue Marbeuf, the track and field sprint athlete, Christine Arron.  The Guadelupian woman defends the French flag during international competitions, has the fourth fastest time in the history of the women 100 meters and holds the European record of 10.73 seconds.

Julien Arnaud interviewed Christine Arron on the theme: “aesthetics and performance”.  For Christine Arron it is important for a sport outfit to enhance a woman’s body.  As she said “a woman who practices sport doesn’t have to be masculine”, on the contrary, she should stay feminine. 

Aesthetics also play an important part in the race.  Indeed the beauty of the gesture is important as long as it is efficient.  Christine Arron describes her running style as graceful, light, fast and fluent, like a panther.

What she enjoys most are the little details that, summed up, make an athlete’s performance perfect and thus lead to victory.  But the best stimulant is the positive energy from the public that can push someone to do better and to overcome his limits during an important race.

Amongst other things, she also shared with us how her mother has always wondered how she could run so fast when she could be so slow for some everyday activities!

She is currently training for the London Olympic 2012.  After this event a new life will start for her.  Being full of resources she has already many projects planned out.  Since she is interested in different subjects such as training, sports, nutrition and well being, she is keeping her options open!

We wish her the best for the 2012 Olympics!

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